Serving up beer slops


slop-2BRISBANE barmaids are feeling a bit superior to their Sydney sisters these days. Like their Southern sisters, the Brisbane girls don’t like getting their hands stained by ethyl violet, the dye that has to be put into drip-trays so that unscrupulous publicans won’t serve up the drips again. Now they, won’t have to worry, because the health authorities have found a substitute, a non-staining oily dye called Bronbus Oil B, which turns the beer slops a cloudy white.

– The Sun (Sydney, NSW) Saturday 19 November 1949.


slop-1Hobart – Because of the dismissal of a prosecution in Hobart Police Court by Mr. Moore, P.M., against a publican for not using coloured dyes in drip beer receptacle, it has been held there is now nothing to prevent the sale of drip beer to customers. The magistrate held there was nothing in the regulations to show that drip beer was harmful to health. Hobart City Council is much concerned, and a special meeting of the health committee has been called to discuss the position.

– Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW) Saturday 4 November 1950.


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