Draught beer off in Canberra

SUPPLIES Hotel Kingston barmaid 1962of draught beer have “dried up” in four Canberra-hotels and canned and bottled beer supplies are dwindling.

Hotel Kingston barmaid Marg Kean (pictured) is shown pouring beer from a can for a customer yesterday.

The only other man in the bar at the time drank brandy, lime and soda to “tide him over the drought.”

A barmaid at one hotel said the only beer they had was canned.

Four Canberra hotels are affected by the strike at Toohey’s brewery in Sydney.

They are the Kingston, Civic, Canberra and Travelana.

A spokesman for Hotel Canberra said last night that all four had exhausted their draught beer on Saturday.

Hotel Canberra had adequate supplies to last it until Thursday or Friday, when supplies of draught beer were expected if strikers returned to work today.

The last delivery of Toohey’s draught beer to Canberra was made the week before last.

A message from Sydney, said the 320 members of the Liquor Trades Union on strike at Toohey’s Brewery would meet at 10am today to review the position.

The union men have been on strike for eight days at Toohey’s Brewery in Sydney and at the Auburn bottling plant of the brewery, over the threatened retrenchment of six driver-members of their union.

In Melbourne yesterday the Commonwealth Industrial Commission ordered the union to end the strike at Toohey’s and to desist from any other strikes at the brewery for six months.

– Canberra Times Wednesday 18 July 1962


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