The Treasury Hotel, Brisbane

Dunmore Arms Brisbane C1875Old Dunmore Arms Hotel, corner George and Elizabeth Streets, Brisbane: Between the hotel and the Bank of New South Wales are old buildings, which for years were the business premises of Francis Hicks (familiarly known as “Old” Hicks). The office of Mr. Robert Cribb was next to the boot repairer’s shop. Mr Cribb is in the group on the footpath — the old man with a white beard. His horse and buggy are in the roadway opposite to him. The hotel became famous because on September 9, 1866, when a riot was proceeding, the Riot Act was read by the then Police Magistrate (Mr. H. H. Massie) from the George street balcony. The date of the photograph is about 1875.
– The Brisbane Week December 7 1923

treasury hotel brisbane 1907The same corner in 1923. The Treasury Hotel was erected in 1887. Twenty years later the property was given to the YMCA, who sold it and purchased the site now occupied by the YMCA building in Edward street, which bears date 1907.
– The Brisbane Week December 7 1923

Treasury Hotel Brisbane Google 2The Treasury Hotel at the corner of George and Elizabeth Streets, Brisbane has been refurbished and once again reopened as a hotel.
– Picture: Google 2019


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