Imperial Hotel, Adelaide

As a result of the decision of Adelaide barmen to cease work, following on the 8/ a week reduction, members of the families of many licensees took their places behind the bar on Monday. Max Flannagan of the Imperial Hotel hard at work. – Observer… Read More ›

Publican takes it easy

Mr John Dorahy, president of the Illawarra branch of the U.L.V.A. (Later Australian Hotels Association), and licensee of the Wollongong Hotel, spent last Thursday ‘resting up,’ when employees at his hotel decided to join in a stoppage for 24 hours… Read More ›

Parkview Hotel, Alexandria

From bloodhouse to gentrified watering hole By MICK ROBERTS © REVIEW: Who would have thought that Alexandria’s Parkview Hotel was once one of Sydney’s toughest pubs, the haunt of hard drinking men, frequented by members of the notorious razor gangs that… Read More ›