South Australia Hotels

Serborne Hotel, Adelaide

A MISBEHAVED MOTOR RUNS INTO HOTEL BAR. ADELAIDE. Tuesday. The unexplained vagaries of a motor car caused some excitement in Pirie-street today. After capsizing a buggy, it swung across the road, knocked down a cyclist, missed a row of verandah posts by fractions of… Read More ›

Burton Hotel, Manoora

Keeping the constable’s beer cool THE transfer recently of a senior constable, to a northern Victorian town calls to mind an amusing incident that occurred years ago when the senior, before his promotion, was a constable on street duty in… Read More ›

Imperial Hotel, Adelaide

As a result of the decision of Adelaide barmen to cease work, following on the 8/ a week reduction, members of the families of many licensees took their places behind the bar on Monday. Max Flannagan of the Imperial Hotel hard at work. – Observer… Read More ›

Red Lion Hotel, Adelaide

SOMEBODY HAD A USE FOR IT! As astonished as everyone else, Mr. Bill Holmes recently found himself the owner of the 40ft.-long saloon bar of Adelaide’s historic Red Lion Hotel. THE bar was among items on the auctioneer’s list when… Read More ›

Gresham Hotel, Adelaide

HIS WOODEN LEG There were peculiar circumstance attached to a charge of begging at the Port Adelaide Police Court on Saturday. Timothy Byrnes a miner, of Adelaide, was charged, on the information of Inspector J. E. Noblet, with halving gone… Read More ›