Victoria hotels

Pubs of the Gippsland Mountains

THERE is nothing in the colony of its sort to rival the rugged scenery of the North Gippsland mountains (Victoria), over which it is necessary to travel in order to reach Omeo and the Glen Wills goldfields. In fine weather… Read More ›


Melbourne inns that have gone

By ERNEST McCAUGHAN TO ANYONE ACQUAINTED WITH MELBOURNE in the last century nothing is more striking than the disappearance of many popular city hotels. Few today recall their whereabouts, much less their hosts, though some were personalities. The Union Club,… Read More ›

Glory that was…

Many towns in Australia are but shadows of what they were in the “good old days,” but surely Woods Point (Vic.) beats, them all. According to official figures compiled in the hey-day of gold-mining, it was an evangelist’s heaven. There… Read More ›

Tiny pubs

ONE of Australia’s smallest hotels was said to be at Allendale, near Ballarat in Victoria. The pub measured 8 yards [7.3 metres] by 8 yards and was known as the Allendale Hotel. A signboard outside the one bar, one bedroomed… Read More ›