Western Australia hotels

Broome’s Continental Hotel was established by Filipino pearler

By MICK ROBERTS © NOT many pubs could claim a ‘king’ as their ‘yardman’. Broome’s Continental Hotel in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has that distinction. Aboriginal elder, ‘King Mackie’ was the ‘boots’ or ‘roustabout’ at the Continental Hotel… Read More ›

Publican to the miners: ‘Bold Mac’, of the Murchison goldfields

John McManaway was a famed Western Australian publican, who hosted three pubs to the heavy drinking miners of the Murchison goldfields. Known far and wide as ‘Bold McManaway’, or simply ‘Mac’, the Irishman was said to have feared nothing, was always up-for-a-fight –… Read More ›

Kalgoorlie’s pub riots: WA Premier threatened at Wilkies in 1898 and two men killed during 1934 racial riots

A NUMBER of disturbances between miners and the authorities in Kalgoorlie centred on the pubs – the diggers unofficial meeting places. One of the first occurred in March 1898 when Western Australian Premier John Forrest visited the goldfields to officially… Read More ›

Zandra the pub nude made Chloe look like ‘an elderly spinster in a red flannel negligee’

EVERYONE knows Chloe the famous ‘goil – in – oils’ at Young and Jackson’s Melbourne bar. Now in Perth (a short priced city in any pulchritude contest) she’s got a rival. And I mean rival. She’s Zandra, a finely-executed nude… Read More ›

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