Western Australia hotels

Waiter, there’s a moth in my beer!

LIFE is tough, mighty tough in Derby, in the far north-west of Western Australia. There the moths not only invade the bar and hamper people drinking, but also mop up the beer themselves. There’s not much to do in Derby… Read More ›


Kalgoorlie’s many pubs

  LEGEND has it that at one stage you couldn’t throw a stone in Kalgoorlie without hitting a hotel. Here’s a list of pubs that traded in the Western Australian gold mining town, put together by Perth newspaper, the Western… Read More ›

Shenton Park Hotel

THE publican of the Shenton Park Hotel came to a nasty demise in 1928, after accidentally swallowing poison. The hotel was built in 1907 on the corner of Nicholson and Derby Roads, Shenton Park, now a suburb of Perth, Western… Read More ›

Early closing farce

Plea of ‘No Beer’ Although State licensing laws prescribe 9am to 9pm for hotel trading, six hotels in Perth‘s city block closed well before 9 o’clock on Saturday night. Reason given in every case was ‘no beer.’ Because of complaints… Read More ›

Court Hotel, Bulong

THIS grainy old image from a 1897 newspaper is the Court Hotel, which was established in what is now an abandoned gold mining town in Western Australia. Bulong was a bustling settlement located 580kms east of Perth in the Goldfields-Esperance… Read More ›

Oraya Palace Hotel, Sandstone

THE THIRSTY GOLDFIELDS: The Oroya Palace Hotel at Sandstone in 1912. The proprietor, John McManaway, was an old Murchison identity. He is shown in the photograph standing on the curbing. – Western Mail (Perth WA) Thursday 17 June 1937.   

The North Perth Hotel

Christmas Beer Lost! Fifteen dozen of beer were smashed beyond all recovery in the backyard of the North Perth Hotel today, but an S.O.S. soon made good the loss in stock. A malevolent ‘dry’ well did the damage. The accident… Read More ›