Queensland hotels

The North Queensland pub named after the tragic death of Aboriginal woman, Kowaha

I SUPPOSE a pub named after a tragic event in Australian history, should share a few stories of misery alongside its tales of cheer. The Leap Hotel, located on the Bruce Highway, about 20 kilometres north-west of Mackay in north… Read More ›

Pub resorts to sawn-off bottles, jars and enamel mugs during war time beer glass shortages

AUSTERITY BEER MUGS BEER AT Hides Hotel, Cairns, is served in sawn-off beer bottles, coffee jars, enamel mugs, and honey jars. The manager says all the hotel’s drinking glasses have been “souvenired.” Prices for drinks range from 9d to 3/6,… Read More ›

Kingaroy’s not-so temporary Broadway Hotel

THIS grand structure was branded Queensland’s strangest hotel in 1934. The “temporary bar”, serving the license purposes of the Broadway Hotel, near Kingaroy, had been serving-up beer for 21 months when this grainy photo was published in the Brisbane Week on January… Read More ›

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