Queensland hotels

War time glass deposit

One Shilling deposit is demanded on these glasses being handed to beer drinkers in a Townsville hotel. No beer is served until all glasses are issued. If glass is chipped or broken drinker forfeits the shilling. – The Sun (Sydney, NSW)… Read More ›

Palace Hotel croc attack

CROCODILE IN STREET ATTACKS A CONSTABLE. BRISBANE, Friday. While two constables were walking along the main street of Townsville early yesterday morning, a crocodile, three and a half feet long, suddenly rose from the gutter, and snapped at a leg… Read More ›

Cairns Stout

Great Northern Breweries are placing on the market a new and local brand of stout. It will be in all hotels today and is said to be “of very mild quality and suitable for rebuilding the constitutions of invalids”. Those… Read More ›