Queensland hotels

Commercial Hotel, Hebel

ONCE there were three things in Hebel, Queensland (not counting the dust). There was the Commercial Hotel (HEBEL’S LEADING HOTEL, says the sign outside), there was the store, and there was a pile of empty bottles which rivalled the pyramids… Read More ›


The Leap Hotel

THE Little pub stands at the foot of a 1,180-foot rock face, just north of Mackay, Queensland. The mountain’s correct name is Mount Mandarana, but the local people call it The Gin’s Leap. And that is how the pub came… Read More ›

Grand Hotel, Goomeri

THE classic art deco Grand Hotel at Goomeri in Queensland was re-built in 1943 after the original pub was destroyed in a tragic fire that killed the publican and his wife, a barmaid, and five guests on December 23 1939…. Read More ›

Beer taster Bee

Drunk again, eh sarge? Ex-Police Sergeant Alfred Bee, of St. John’s Home, Toowong, used to be paid to get drunk one day a week. Each Sunday, he used to stagger from one Brisbane hotel to another until he had to… Read More ›

Surfers Paradise Hotel, Southport

LARGE HOTEL DESTROYED Damage Estimated at £30,000 PRIVATEL ZOO SAVED. Brisbane, Monday: The well known Surfers Paradise Hotel near Southport was destroyed by fire early this morning. The hotel was destroyed, with the exception of a number of detached living cabins and a comprehensive private zoo. The damage is… Read More ›

Gin Gin Hotel

THE best example of community spirit and good fellowship is in a little Queensland township named Gin Gin. There are three hotels, and three nights per week the drinking section of the community visited each one of these hotels in… Read More ›