Northern Territory hotels

Tiny pubs

ONE of Australia’s smallest hotels was said to be at Allendale, near Ballarat in Victoria. The pub measured 8 yards [7.3 metres] by 8 yards and was known as the Allendale Hotel. A signboard outside the one bar, one bedroomed… Read More ›

Hotel Darwin

Bare Bones Quite unaware of the novelty of his lack of attire a naked man walked into the Hotel Darwin bar on Friday night – so our usually reliable alcoholic informant tells us and picked a fight among the clientele. The… Read More ›

Thirsty termites

DARWIN’S termites are gaining fame. The recent news of their destruction of £300 worth of beer stored in a galvanised iron salt-strewn shed reminds a Cairns (N.Q.) resident of another incident of 20 years ago. He was then proprietor of… Read More ›

Hotel Darwin

Bitten by croc in hotel bar Darwin. – Pat Wright, taxi driver, had the index finger of his right hand nearly severed yesterday afternoon when he tweaked a 5-ft. crocodile’s tail in Hotel Darwin Saloon bar. He was given an… Read More ›