Tasmania hotels

Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart

THE Cascade Brewery Co. Ltd. has imported three trial steel drums, now being used on the Mainland for bulk beer. The brewery is investigating how they stand up to cartage, and whether they affect the flavour of beer. The steel… Read More ›


Tassie’s mushroom pub

Its walls collapsing and roof gone, this historic hotel on the Midlands Highway, near Jericho, is disappearing fast. Alongside it are the ruined stables where generations ago coach horses were changed. The building has been vacant for two years. Since then it… Read More ›

Pugnacious publican

The New Sydney Hotel, Bathurst Street Hobart, Tasmania. Photo: Google Streetview Richard Morrison, a cabman, obtained a verdict of £5 against George Eaves, licenee of the New Sydney Hotel, Bathurst street, Hobart in the Supreme Court today. The evidence Fix… Read More ›

The 1929 Launceston flood

THE Inveresk and York Park Precinct in Launceston, Tasmania, once Tasmania’s largest industrial site, is now the major cultural heart of the city. In April 1929, the worst flood in Tasmanian history hit the Launceston area, lasting several days. Heavy rains… Read More ›

Pub scrap album

PUBS often featured in the pages of newspapers, revealing a fascinating glimpse into the workings and culture of Australian communities and in particular working class men and women. Here are a selection: FOR 44 years she has served beer. In… Read More ›