Australian Capital Territory Hotels

Rex Hotel, Ainslie

Taffy has his corner The Ainslie Rex Hotel has honoured one of its consistent and oldest drinkers – a 69 year-old Welshman. He is Taffy Shepherd, pictured, of Ainslie (ACT). Taffy sits in one corner of the hotel every day… Read More ›

Pubs full to the brim on Canberra’s first ‘wet’ Sunday

    Hotel bar staffs through out Canberra were “flat out” yesterday, bottle departments were “booming” and beer gardens were “chock-a-block” on the first “wet” Sunday in the ACT. A spokesman for the Statesman Hotel at Curtin said the hotel’s… Read More ›

Publicans’ Purse scooter race raised money to build the Queanbeyan swimming pool

AFTER taking a dip at Queanbeyan (NSW) next time, consider also visiting a local pub to pay homage to the publicans who helped build the popular swimming pool. A scooter race especially for publicans, over a half-mile, followed the annual… Read More ›

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