NSW hotels

The pub piano

THERE was nothing unusual to hear the boisterous voices of men bellowing from the bars of Australian pubs during the war years and beyond. Pubs were the principle venues of entertainment for men during the war years, which continued in… Read More ›

How Sydney beat heatwave

As Sydney sweltered in yesterday’s heat-wave hotels were popular. This was the scene at 1 pm in the Astra Hotel, Bondi. Average success of thirsty drinkers in the crowded bar was two drinks per hour. – The Sun (Sydney) Sunday 4 November 1945.

Royal Hotel, Sydney

Murdered publican’s wife stabbed eight times By MICK ROBERTS © TWO years after the Royal Hotel in Sydney’s George Street closed in 1914, a young man who had committed a horrible murder from within its walls was released from Goulburn… Read More ›

Thirsty Newcastle customers

With temperatures rising to 90 degrees in Newcastle yesterday, the hotels were thronged with thirsty customers – so thirsty that the beer supplies failed in some cases. This group made a typical scene during the afternoon. – Newcastle Morning Herald Thursday 1 January 1948.