NSW hotels

Thief found asleep in the bar of Camperdown pub after helping himself to a bottle of whiskey

A FEW hours after he broke into the cellar of the Grose Farm Hotel, Joseph Byrnes was found asleep in the bar after polishing of a bottle of whiskey and two bottles of wine. Byrnes, who was almost totally deaf… Read More ›

Cornish builder responsible for Sydney’s Centennial Hall and St Mary’s Cathedral, also constructed and hosted Woolloomooloo’s Merryfield Hotel

LARGELY unheralded for his many notable building projects, Cornish builder, Richard Merrifield Nancarrow was responsible for an imposing pub that traded at Woolloomooloo, in Sydney’s east, for almost a century. The Merryfield Hotel, which sadly called last drinks in 1972… Read More ›

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