Niagara Hotel, Niagara WA

Mrs Clara Paton recalled in the Western Mail (Perth) on October 30 1952: NIAGARA’S RISE “IN February, 1895, Dorrie Doolette and Charley Northmore arrived at the 90-mile and asked my husband, Arthur Williams, the licensee of the 90-Mile Hotel, if… Read More ›

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  • Time Gents, Please….

    “Time gents, drink ’em up”, was the barman’s call as six o’clock approached and the taps were turned off for another day. The six o’clock swill was Australian and New Zealand slang for the last-minute rush to buy drinks before the… Read More ›

  • The 20-Mile Hotel, Outback Qld

    THIS grainy image of the Twenty-Mile Hotel, also known as the Half-Way House, being half-way between Aramac and Barcaldine in outback northern Queensland, was taken in 1911. At the time the pub was owned and hosted by Jack Richardson, who later… Read More ›

  • Percy and the publican, piano and pub

    World famous musician, Percy Grainger (B.1882 – D.1961) was an Australian-born composer, arranger and pianist, who died in the United States of America. In the course of a long and innovative career, he played a prominent role in the revival of… Read More ›

  • Portland road trip

    By MICK ROBERTS © THERE’S a little country town in the NSW coalfields north-west of Lithgow that I reckon punches well above its weight. While many towns and villages struggle to survive in the mining settlements west of the Great… Read More ›

  • Bundaberg Distillery Fire

    FISH WERE DRUNK IN RUM RIVER… THE people of Bundaberg (Qld) still tell the story of when the Burnett became literally a river of rum. On Saturday night, November 21, 1936, a fierce electrical storm broke over the district. Jagged… Read More ›

  • Assembly Hotel, Sydney

      PROUD BEAUTY SCORNS THE DEMON RUM YOU can see Sydney’s only religious cockatoo any time in the saloon bar of the Assembly Hotel, Phillip-street. The cockatoo, called Smith, lives there, but he: Refuses alcohol of any kind, and cannot… Read More ›

  • Oxford Hotel, Rockhampton

    RUM STORY OF A COW A roan cow stirred up plenty of excitement when it wandered into the bar and lounge of a Rockhampton pub, and finished almost “under the table”, reported the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin on August 12 1952…. Read More ›

  • Hotel Mosman, Mosman

    PUTTING XXX INTO XMAS Licensee of Hotel Mosman, Mr. Michael O’Regan (left), issuing Christmas liquor to regular customers yesterday. Each customer receives six bottles of beer, one of gin or rum, one wine. In three days Mr. O’Regan has issued… Read More ›

  • This Clancy has an overflow too

      He pub crawls at 100 MELBOURNE, Sat. – A centenarian who last week “lost” his appendix is a popular headache to his nurses. The centenarian, John Clancy, has a habit of going A.W.L. from the hospital for a pub… Read More ›

  • In praise of the pub

    By Ken Schapel he charm of the Australian pub — distinguished from the hotel — lies in its simplicity. No criticism can divest it of that. The pub belongs to the country, the hotel to the city and bigger provincial… Read More ›