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  • Time Gents, Please….

    “Time gents, drink ’em up”, was the barman’s call as six o’clock approached and the taps were turned off for another day. The six o’clock swill was Australian and New Zealand slang for the last-minute rush to buy drinks before the… Read More ›

  • The lure of the brewery

    This morning a city brewery announced three vacancies, and the photo shows the response up to 9am, though they weren’t asked to call till 11. Had it been a tea plantation, would the response have been the same roll-up? – The… Read More ›

  • Towers Brewery, Charters Towers

    BEER BOILER FOR TOWERS BREWERY. Capacity, 45 Hogheads of Liquid. Made in eight days by Walton Bros. and Millgate, Charters Towers. – The North Queensland Register (Townsville) Wednesday 28 October 1896. The Towers Brewery was established by J. A. Benjamin… Read More ›

  • Died after a boom…

    IT is difficult to find a place in Australia where there is not someone, who, at some time or other, has been connected in some way, with the old mining village of Hill End (NSW). This is not to be… Read More ›

  • Glory that was…

    Many towns in Australia are but shadows of what they were in the “good old days,” but surely Woods Point (Vic.) beats, them all. According to official figures compiled in the hey-day of gold-mining, it was an evangelist’s heaven. There… Read More ›

  • Metropolitan Hotel, Paddington

    By MICK ROBERTS © James Alfred Saunders opened the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the corner of Underwood and McGarvie Streets at Paddington in 1881. A magnificent building, it survives today as the E.J. Ward Paddington Community Centre. There are many stories… Read More ›

  • Belvedere Hotel, Sydney

        By MICK ROBERTS © SOME pubs just refuse to die. The Belvedere Hotel at the corner of Kent and Bathurst Street in Sydney’s CBD returned from the dead after closing in the 1970s, and having its license transferred to… Read More ›

  • Romano’s Hotel, Wagga Wagga

    BELLAIR’S HOTEL is the leading- house on the Southern line, and commands a large business from the travelling- public. The hotel has been in the hands of the Bellair family for over 25 years. Our illustrations show the hotel property… Read More ›

  • ‘B’ Day brings celebrations

    IT was branded “B-Day”, when beer was back “on” in all parts of NSW after almost a month’s drought, following the strike at Tooth’s Kent Brewery, which was settled in April 1946. A similar strike, which lasted for six weeks,… Read More ›

  • Esplanade Hotel, Brighton

    Record Hotel Price ADELAIDE, Sunday. — Brighton Hotel at Brighton, second oldest hotel in South Australia, was sold to Pierces Investment Ltd. for the record suburban hotel price of more than £70,000 yesterday. The new owners take over on June 12. The present licensee, Mrs. M. Leahy, has held… Read More ›