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  • Time Gents, Please….

    “Time gents, drink ’em up”, was the barman’s call as six o’clock approached and the taps were turned off for another day. The six o’clock swill was Australian and New Zealand slang for the last-minute rush to buy drinks before the… Read More ›

  • Queensland hotel advertisements

    WAY before the online services of Trivago and Wotif, there were other means to search for hotels in Australia. Most states had a “hotel and boarding house directory”, a small booklet listing the hotels, their features and prices. Here are… Read More ›

  • Entrepreneur and Publican James H. Shekleton.

    By MICK ROBERTS © NOT far from where once a long-forgotten bush pub traded, 450kms east of Perth in the Western Australian outback, sits the lonely grave of Scotsman, Tom Davidson. The goldfields of Western Australia are a strange last… Read More ›

  • Kinglake Hotel, Kinglake

    By MICK ROBERTS © THE terrifying roar of an approaching bushfire is a sound familiar to many a publican at the Kinglake Hotel – a small Victorian pub established in 1908. Located 56 km north-east of Melbourne, the pub is… Read More ›

  • Grog & Uncle Obadiah

    By JOHN QUINN “STRIKE me,” said Uncle Obadiah Quinn, “what’s this about a Kalgoorlie publican spending £2000 on additions to his premises to discourage excessive drinking?” “Name of Lionel H. Walker,” I said. “Licensee of the Boulder City Hotel.” “First… Read More ›

  • Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst

          Palace Hotel, Darlinghurst By MICK ROBERTS © THE Palace Hotel was first licensed in December 1878. A craft beer pub, specialising only in Australian brewed beers, the Palace at the corner of Flinders Street and South Dowling… Read More ›

  • Oroya Palace Hotel, Sandstone

    SANDSTONE is a small town in the Mid West region of Western Australia, 661km north of Perth. The town was first settled in 1894 as part of a gold rush. By 1907 the population of the town had swelled to over 6,000 and it… Read More ›

  • Rose Hotel, Chippendale

    WHEN I called into the Rose Hotel on busy Cleveland Street at Darlington for a Sunday beer, there wasn’t a soul in the main bar… Strange I thought, so I ventured further into the pub finding most customers were eating… Read More ›

  • City View Hotel, Redfern

    HERE’S a blast from Redfern’s past… the former City View Hotel, which sits on the corner of Vine Street and Abercrombie Street, just opposite the Eveliegh Hotel. The City View was established by John Walsh in 1877 and traded for… Read More ›

  • New Britannia, Darlington

    NOW operating as a pizza restuarant, with a licensed bar, the New Britannia was built in 1879 on land purchased by William Hutchinson in 1845. Located on busy Cleveland Street in the inner-Sydney suburb of Darlington, the pub sits on land… Read More ›