Australian Hotels

Entrepreneur and Publican James H. Shekleton.

By MICK ROBERTS © NOT far from where once a long-forgotten bush pub traded, 450kms east of Perth in the Western Australian outback, sits the lonely grave of Scotsman, Tom Davidson. The goldfields of Western Australia are a strange last… Read More ›


Grog & Uncle Obadiah

By JOHN QUINN “STRIKE me,” said Uncle Obadiah Quinn, “what’s this about a Kalgoorlie publican spending £2000 on additions to his premises to discourage excessive drinking?” “Name of Lionel H. Walker,” I said. “Licensee of the Boulder City Hotel.” “First… Read More ›

Dajarra Hotel

THE public bar of the Dajarra Hotel has several paintings of nudes with breasts like helium balloons. They’re all Aboriginal girls’ lounging in sensuous repose around campfires. But who are they? “Aw, just a few local girls,” said a patron…. Read More ›

White House Hotel

Fire destroys the White House FIRE destroyed a number of buildings, including the White House Hotel, in the Western Australian gold mining town of Menzies in 1898. Within a few days the thirsty miners were again propped against the bar… Read More ›

Grand accomodation

  WE wonder whether the traveller who camped under this well known hotel sign on the Pittsworth Road (Darling Downs, South West Qld) appreciated the humour of the situation. – The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld) Thursday 30 November 1933.