The flamboyant, singing publican

  By MICK ROBERTS © A FLAMBOYANT opera singer, who gained his stage name from actress Ann Sheridan, was the publican responsible for giving Jamberoo its English Tudor style pub. The larger than life character is said to have renovated… Read More ›

Wollongong’s ‘Upper Crown Street Push’, were ‘artistic types’, who met at the Royal Alfred Hotel

By MICK ROBERTS © LONG before the Sydney Push met in pubs around the harbour city, a group of “theatrical types, well primed with soda and a dash” paved the way for artists by reciting poetry and “warbling” songs in… Read More ›

The Kennedy brothers and their unsuccessful attempt at respectability

By MICK ROBERTS © THE Kennedy brothers’ attempts at respectability in Australia seemed to have started off on the right foot. The three Irishmen, Hugh, John and Richard, built a portfolio of properties, and established a profitable cattle trading business,… Read More ›

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