Woolpack Hotel Parramatta

Parramatta’s Tattersalls Hotel and the Creasey family

By MICK ROBERTS © MARGARET Creasey must have been wary of banks. Twice, banks purchased her pubs at Parramatta, and moved her from successful operating businesses over her 26 year career as a hotelier. Margaret, along with her husband John, established… Read More ›

Road trip to Parramatta: A visit to the Horse & Jockey, Keighery’s, Parramatta’s Rose & Crown, and the Royal Oak

Parramatta Road’s Oldest Pubs A SUNDAY drive along Parramatta Road took us to rediscover some of Sydney’s oldest pubs. The plan was to visit seven pubs between Sydney and Parramatta, with lunch at the Rose and Crown. Come with Time… Read More ›