Surfers Paradise Hotel, Southport

surfers paradise hotel southport qld 1928

The Surfers Paradise Hotel, Southport, Qld, 1928. Photo: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

surfers paradise hotel fire 1936 a

What was left of the Surfers Paradise Hotel, Southport Qld after the 1936 fire.

surfers paradise hotel fire 1936 publican J Cavill

Mr. J. Cavill, the owner of the Surfers’ Paradise Hotel, looks through some of his zoo records which were salvaged from the fire.


Damage Estimated at £30,000


Brisbane, Monday: The well known Surfers Paradise Hotel near Southport was destroyed by fire early this morning. The hotel was destroyed, with the exception of a number of detached living cabins and a comprehensive private zoo. The damage is estimated at £30,000. The cries of terror-stricken bears, monkeys, leopards and birds were heard; over the roar of the fire. The fusing of electric wires is blamed for the fire.

– The Horsham Times Tuesday 7 July 1936. 

surfers paradise hotel fire 1936 b

The aftermath of the fire that destroyed the Surfers Paradise Hotel

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