Horrors of a publess track

The Commercial Travellers’ Conference unanimously adopted the resolution:-“That the present licensing law in different States is tending to reduce the number of hotels to the detriment of the comfort and convenience of the travelling public.” –Western Mail (Perth, WA )… Read More ›

Pub cartoons

Cartoons and comic strips with a uniquely Australia pub theme featured often in the pages of newspapers in the early half of last century. While the humour probably doesn’t meet the acceptability of today’s standards, with some cringingly politically incorrect,… Read More ›

He Saw Trouble Ahead

PUBLICAN: “There’s that chap Binks, mad drunk in my bar; come an’ ‘elp us to get him out and I’ll give y’ a bottle of whisky, Bill.” BILL: “Then who’s goin’ t’ get me out?” – Punch (Melbourne, Vic.) Thursday 1 October 1908.

More Bad News

A new clause has been inserted in the Licensing Bill providing for registration of barmaids, with a view to their being gradually eliminated. —News item. Alas! a dismal world is this!   The Wowsers run the show;   They’ve shut the pubs at… Read More ›

The Popular Pub: When the Wowser Breasts the Bar.

THE Legislative Assembly has decided to permit publicans to sell non-intoxicating drinks after 9.30pm. It is expected that local publicans will follow the example of Glasgow by converting their hotels into social tea and refreshment rooms during prohibited hours.  – Truth (Melbourne, Victoria edition), Saturday 2 October 1915,… Read More ›

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