Beer is not the best

LITHGOW unionists, who have declared a “beer strike,” will inscribe on a “dishonor roll” the names of men caught drinking beer. This beer strike habit is growing serious. There has been an epidemic of it lately. Pretty soon the breweries… Read More ›


Strange but true…

Strange But True was a contributors column, which appeared in Smith’s Weekly, from the 1919 through to 1950. 1925: GOATS STICKY END – Jerry, a William goat owned by a publican in Townsville (Q.), was a valuable asset to the “house”… Read More ›

Frothy beer

I wish you’d get out of the habit of blowing the froth off your beer, Bert. – Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW) Saturday 31 March 1951.

Lorne Hotel, Lorne

THE VARIETIES OF SUBURBAN LIFE – A CURIOUS COW. At the Colac Court, Victoria, Nellie Rooke, licensee of the Lorne Hotel, sued J. T. Anderson, storekeeper, of Lorne, for trespass by a cow. The cow was a source of constant… Read More ›

Palace Hotel croc attack

CROCODILE IN STREET ATTACKS A CONSTABLE. BRISBANE, Friday. While two constables were walking along the main street of Townsville early yesterday morning, a crocodile, three and a half feet long, suddenly rose from the gutter, and snapped at a leg… Read More ›