NSW hotels

Bondi cab driver’s brilliant method of lubricating his Sunday social club

WE’RE an inventive lot, us Australians. When obstacles are put in our way – especially when it comes to enjoying a beer with mates – we can become quite imaginative. In fact, in Bondi cab-driver, Cec Hayne’s case, resourcefully clever…. Read More ›

Cornish builder responsible for Sydney’s Centennial Hall and St Mary’s Cathedral, also constructed and hosted Woolloomooloo’s Merryfield Hotel

LARGELY unheralded for his many notable building projects, Cornish builder, Richard Merrifield Nancarrow was responsible for an imposing pub that traded at Woolloomooloo, in Sydney’s east, for almost a century. The Merryfield Hotel, which sadly called last drinks in 1972… Read More ›

The General Gordon’s back! The Pride of Sydenham rises from the ashes

WHEN the General Gordon Hotel opened for business at Sydenham in 1932, “news travelled like wildfire, and thirsty individuals scrambled for places in the bar”, the Sydney Sun newspaper reported. The reason? There was free beer served between 5.15pm and… Read More ›

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