NSW hotels

Villawood Hotel, Villawood

YOU know that glare? That glare you get when you walk into an unfamiliar pub? Is there a more uncomfortable feeling? Yes. When you walk into an almost empty bar, order your beer and take a seat – presumably where… Read More ›


Kogarah Hotel, Kogarah

By MICK ROBERTS © THE Asian belief of Karma, a spiritual notion where intent and actions influence the future, played an interesting role in the story of a former Kogarah pub. The Kogarah Hotel, at the southern corner of the Prince’s… Read More ›

Cocky takes to drink

Curley Elphick, barman at a Wagga Wagga hotel (NSW), photographed with his pet cockatoo, which drinks a middy of beer a day. Photo: The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) Friday 20 October 1950.