NSW hotels

Mayor redeveloped Ballina theatre into the Australian Hotel

By MICK ROBERTS © THE tamed applause from opera at a Ballina theatre, was replaced with the raucous shouting, laughter, and bawdy tunes of a pub in 1895.   Where Gilbert and Sullivan’s lolanthe had entertained from the stage, beer suddenly… Read More ›

Two resilient landladies, two remarkable women: Tattersall’s Hotel, Barringun

ONCE a landmark on the lonely road from Bourke to Queensland, flames and controversy have abruptly ended over 130 years of history at Barringun’s Tattersall’s Hotel. The original historic timber inn was tragically reduced to ashes on Christmas Eve 2017… Read More ›

How the Hidden Treasure Hotel got its name: A history of a Newcastle pub

BY the 1870s most Australian pubs were going by unimaginative names like the Royal and the Commercial. However, there was one Newcastle pub, which opened in 1877, that bucked the trend, and was given the tantalising sign of the Hidden Treasure Hotel…. Read More ›

Armidale’s International: Once popular with thirsty railwaymen, stock salesmen and drovers

SADLY relegated to the pages of history, the International Hotel was located in Niagara-street, Armidale, NSW. During the 1920s the freehold of the pub was owned by William Joseph Doyle. Arthur William Chapman was licensee when the hotel was forced… Read More ›

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