NSW hotels

The Burlington Hotel, Haymarket Sydney

THE Great Western Coffee Palace was designed by Sydney City Architect and built at the corner of Hay Street and Sussex Street, Haymarket in 1914 by the Sydney City Council as a ‘ temperance hotel’. It was located on land resumed… Read More ›

A tall tale

SWEDISH seaman Carl Bergman, 23, of the motor vessel Polamola, who stands something over seven feet in his shoes, stood at the back of a crowd fighting four-deep for beer in a bar of a Sydney hotel on Saturday, leaned easily over their heads, and got his… Read More ›

Bull in hotel at Nowra

SHORTLY after breakfast on New Year’s Day guests at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Nowra, received quite a shock when a man, leading a bull, calmly passed through, the luxuriously appointed lounge into the hotel yard. Some of the ladies present screamed, whilst other guests rubbed their… Read More ›

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