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New South Wales liquor laws harbor many strange provisions says Licensed Victuallers’ Association Mr. N. N. Connoly. Among them are:

* A hotel is regarded as a temporary morgue for a corpse.
* A licensee shall provide accommodation for man and beast.
* A hotel keeper must demand the marriage certificate of all men and women entering the hotel as man and wife.
* For refusing to receive a dead body the hotelkeeper may be fined £5 but he is entitled to a fee of 30/- for the use of his hotel as a post mortem inquest.
The present act belonged to the horse and buggy area, said the president of the United Licensed Victuallers’ Association (Mr. N. H. Connoly), last week.
Working men were forced out of bars at 6.20 p.m. every day. If they could afford five or ten guineas they could join one of the clubs allowed to sell liquor 24 hours a day.
The whole position was being reviewed said the Minister for Justice. It is believed he will submit a report to Cabinet.
– Albany Advertiser (WA) Monday 24 July 1939.


  • A leading figure in the establishment of the Australian Theatrical Amusements and Employees’ Association in 1910, N. H. Connolly was its federal president throughout most of that decade. His career in the variety industry is thought to have begun around the turn of the century, and for more than a decade was associated with J. C. Bain in various positions (including mechanist). He moved away from the industry in the late 1920s to become involved with the United Licensed Victuallers’ Association. 
  •  Courtesy ozvta.com

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