NSW hotels

The pub named after a lone gum on a clay pan: The One Tree Hotel

Located between Hay and Booligal on Cobb Highway in NSW is the famous and historic One Tree Hotel. The hotel was built in 1862 by Alexander Finch. Originally known as Finch Inn, it was renamed the One Tree Hotel later… Read More ›

Pubs also defied government health orders during 1919 Spanish influenza pandemic

THE 2020/21 Covid-19 pandemic is not the first time an infectious disease has forced the closure of Australian pubs. Between January and September 1919, pneumonic influenza, commonly known as the ‘Spanish Flu’, killed 6,387 people in NSW, infecting as many… Read More ›

Plaza Hotel, Sydney had the first fully automated glass washing machine in NSW

THE first automated glass-washing machine in New South Wales, and the second in Australia, was installed in the bar of the Plaza Hotel, above Wynyard Railway Station, George Street, Sydney in 1946. When Plaza Hotel manager, Alphonse Parer switched on… Read More ›

Outback sands reclaim ‘The Beer With No Pub’, at Yanco Glen

By MICK ROBERTS © SADLY the striking red sands and hardy outback desert shrubs have reclaimed where once the Yanco Glen Hotel served-up icey cold beers to weary travellers. Made nationally famous by the iconic promotional photograph of legendary country… Read More ›

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