Sydney hotels

The Golden Grove Hotel, Darlington

THE Golden Grove Hotel sat on the corner of Alma and Raglan Streets at Darlington, Sydney. The pub was established in 1880 and traded for 74 years before its license was transfered to Maroubra on October 22 1954 to make… Read More ›


Royal Hotel, Randwick

MENTION Randwick, and horse racing immediately comes to mind. Besides the historic track known as Royal Randwick, there’s another landmark in the Sydney eastern suburb that bears the same name, and has held an association with nobility for more than… Read More ›

How Sydney Drinks

FOOTRAIL COMPARISONS: NINE HOURS IN A BAR ROOM: The writer, who describes herself as “An Amateur Barmaid”, took a position behind the bar in a well-known city hotel for one day in 1922, in order to gather material for this… Read More ›