Sydney hotels

Bar-room baron

Charles Walker, oldest customer of a Surry Hills (Sydney NSW) hotel, was honored with a “knighthood” yesterday – Daily News (Sydney, NSW) Wednesday 4 January 1939.   

Town Hall Hotel, Newtown

ROBBERY IN HOTEL Secreting themselves in the boiler room of the Town Hall Hotel, King-street, Newtown, before closing time yesterday, thieves emerged from their hiding place after the last customer had gone, and stole 50 bottles of whisky, 175 packets of cigarettes and… Read More ›

Shouts for horse

This Sydney carter has the “kindness to animals” spirit. In the terrific heat recently, he had a pot of beer himself and then “shouted” for his horse. – The Longreach Leader (Qld) Saturday 28 November 1936.

Money’s worth?

BUYING beer in schooners and middies in Sydney hotels and then bottling it yourself is an expensive way of buying it, although not illegal, provided you pour the beer into the bottle yourself. To the right is a bottle containing… Read More ›