Sydney hotels

Club Hotel, Surry Hills

By MICK ROBERTS © JOHN Ahern was enjoying a few after-work drinks in the upstairs parlour of Surry Hill’s Club Hotel, singing and socialising, before his brutal death in 1893. Barman, Tom Moss, who later became publican, explained at the… Read More ›

The Singing Publican

  By MICK ROBERTS © A FLAMBOYANT opera singer, who gained his stage name from actress Ann Sheridan, was the publican responsible for giving Jamberoo its English Tudor style pub. The larger than life character is said to have renovated… Read More ›

Belmore Hotel, Belmore

THE Belmore Hotel began business controversially in 1928. Parramatta publican, Harry Gadd transferred his license of the Gate House Hotel to the corner of Burwood Road and Tobruk Avenue Belmore in Sydney’s inner-west on August 14 1928. The 51-year-old publican… Read More ›