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The General Gordon’s back! The Pride of Sydenham rises from the ashes

WHEN the General Gordon Hotel opened for business at Sydenham in 1932, “news travelled like wildfire, and thirsty individuals scrambled for places in the bar”, the Sydney Sun newspaper reported. The reason? There was free beer served between 5.15pm and… Read More ›

Constables nabbed for New Year’s Eve drinks at Erskineville’s Imperial Hotel

FOUR Sydney police constables were caught-out on New Year’s Eve 1929 when they called into an Erskineville pub for after hours’ celebratory drinks with the publican. Constables Robert Ramsay, Alfred Costello, William Mowbray and William Grover were each fined 10… Read More ›

Carlton & United Breweries rolling out 2,000 barrels of free beer to help pubs through pandemic

  Carlton & United Breweries is rolling out 2,000 barrels of free beer to help pubs and clubs survive the coronavirus crisis. Having already raised more than $1 million in cash for struggling pubs and clubs through the For the Love… Read More ›

Pubs also defied government health orders during 1919 Spanish influenza pandemic

THE 2020/21 Covid-19 pandemic is not the first time an infectious disease has forced the closure of Australian pubs. Between January and September 1919, pneumonic influenza, commonly known as the ‘Spanish Flu’, killed 6,387 people in NSW, infecting as many… Read More ›

Plaza Hotel, Sydney had the first fully automated glass washing machine in NSW

THE first automated glass-washing machine in New South Wales, and the second in Australia, was installed in the bar of the Plaza Hotel, above Wynyard Railway Station, George Street, Sydney in 1946. When Plaza Hotel manager, Alphonse Parer switched on… Read More ›

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