Victoria hotels

Turkey kept head

Shepparton, Tuesday. Fred Banjo Price, 60, hotel useful, tried to lassoo a turkey in the yard of the Shepparton Hotel. He missed and fell. Price was admitted to Mooroopna Hospital with a broken thigh. The turkey is still roaming free. – The Argus (Melbourne) Wednesday 31… Read More ›

The Popular Pub: When the Wowser Breasts the Bar.

THE Legislative Assembly has decided to permit publicans to sell non-intoxicating drinks after 9.30pm. It is expected that local publicans will follow the example of Glasgow by converting their hotels into social tea and refreshment rooms during prohibited hours.  – Truth (Melbourne, Victoria edition), Saturday 2 October 1915,… Read More ›

Barmaids never die

WHEN a law was passed in Victoria forbidding the employment of women in hotel bars, it was decided that those already employed could stay on. That was 37 years ago. There were then 3,688 registered barmaids. Recently a new count was taken. There are still 3,688 barmaids… Read More ›

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