Licensing Police Solve Case of Disappearing Men

Find Them Hiding in Hotel Cellar Amongst Beer Barrels.

beer barrellsRecently the Licensing Police, covertly posted,observed several men enter a South Melbourne hotel about 9.30 p.m.

Deciding that a good ‘bag’ was gathered, they knocked and, after some delay, were admitted to the premises. A search was made, but no persons who should not be there could be found. Where were those men? Not upstairs. Going into the dining-room, the posse shifted mats and linoleum, bringing to light a trap-door.

Descending, they located,among the barrels, seven men. Brought to the surface, six had no explanation to offer; but the seventh remarked, ‘If you must know, I came for a drink.’

At the South Melbourne Court this week, the seven, who did not appear, were each fined 10/ for being on licensed premises unlawfully.

– Record (Emerald Hill, Vic.) Saturday 17 August 1940

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