Western Australia hotels

Coffin from beer cases

Prospector Found Poisoned in Old Shaft Doctor Holds Post Mortem in Tent — Shock for TwoTravellers.   DOWN an old shaft the dead body of a veteran prospector was found.     Heavy cyanide fumes left little doubt as to the manner of his death…. Read More ›


Palace Hotel Kalgoolie

A Strange Find When workmen were demolishing the old front bar of the Palace Hotel preparatory to installing the new and ornate one, they came upon treasure trove. The find included a sovereign, a half sovereign, a shilling dated 1873, a… Read More ›

Strange Disappearance

On Saturday evening, Mr J. E.Steele, who with his wife has been staying at the Hotel Cleopatra, at Fremantle, (Western Australia) declared his intention of going for a swim. He left his purse with his wife. As he did not return a search was… Read More ›

Pub scrap album

PUBS often featured in the pages of newspapers, revealing a fascinating glimpse into the workings and culture of Australian communities and in particular working class men and women. Here are a selection: FOR 44 years she has served beer. In… Read More ›

Beer by lamp light

NO ELECTRICITY available, a city barman perches a lantern on the casing of a beer tap, pulls beer for shadowy customers (background). – The Daily News (Perth, Western Australia), Friday 24 May 1946, page 9.