Western Australia hotels

Exchange Hotel, Pingelly

WHEELBARROW BUG BITES PINGELLY FOR A £10 SIDE WAGER, Bert Wilson, a Pingelly blacksmith (WA), pushed Ben Jackson (sitter) in a barrow from Brookton to Pingelly (12½ miles) in 5 hours, 14 minutes. The wager was that the distance would… Read More ›

Niagara Hotel, Niagara WA

THE township of Niagara was said to be unique in having four hotels, one on each corner of the crossroads, in the centre of the township. Niagara is an abandoned town located in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, between Kalgoorlie and Leonora, 12km southwest of Kookynie. The first pub… Read More ›

The man who invented the ‘lock-nut’, entrepreneur James H. Shekleton was also a bush publican

By MICK ROBERTS © NOT far from where once a long-forgotten bush pub traded, 450kms east of Perth in the Western Australian outback, sits the lonely grave of Scotsman, Tom Davidson. The goldfields of Western Australia are a strange last… Read More ›

Uncle Obadiah wasn’t impressed with family friendly pubs: ‘We used to play darts with crowbars and the barmen buried the losers’

WHEN a progressive publican spent £2,000 in 1946 making his Western Australian goldfields’ hotel family friendly, he came in for some criticism from the old-guard; those who thought pubs should be exclusively for the pleasures of men, and strictly for… Read More ›

The old ‘Conti’ pub, Broome: ‘a great, ugly edifice, but oh, so charming’…

LIKE Broome of old, the original Continental Hotel, in Western Australia’s Kimberley, has made way for the new. In his book, ‘Australian Pubs’, John Larkins described the original corrugated iron pub, with its cooling verandah slung along its front, as… Read More ›

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