Bruce Howard

Continental Hotel, Broome

By John Larkins * THERE could have hardly been a more Australian pub than the old tin Continental at Broome. A great, ugly edifice but oh, so charming. One day they decided it had lived too long. So they began… Read More ›


Praire Hotel, Praire

“What are ya lookin’ so upset about, mate?” “Oh, we’ve been stuck in the mud out west for about 15 hours.” “Could’ve been worse.” “How?” “You could’ve been stuck there the rest of ya life.” “Suppose you’re right.” If you… Read More ›

Commercial Hotel, Hebel

ONCE there were three things in Hebel, Queensland (not counting the dust). There was the Commercial Hotel (HEBEL’S LEADING HOTEL, says the sign outside), there was the store, and there was a pile of empty bottles which rivalled the pyramids… Read More ›

Gin Gin Hotel

THE best example of community spirit and good fellowship is in a little Queensland township named Gin Gin. There are three hotels, and three nights per week the drinking section of the community visited each one of these hotels in… Read More ›

Hoppy Tom

HOPPY Tom had to drink alone. Oh, his mate had been with him earlier, but suddenly the door of the Warialda pub (NSW) burst open, and in stormed his chum’s wife. A giant of a woman, six axehandles across the… Read More ›