John Larkins

Broome’s Continental Hotel was established by Filipino pearler

By MICK ROBERTS © NOT many pubs could claim a ‘king’ as their ‘yardman’. Broome’s Continental Hotel in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has that distinction. Aboriginal elder, ‘King Mackie’ was the ‘boots’ or ‘roustabout’ at the Continental Hotel… Read More ›

The old ‘Conti’ pub, Broome: ‘a great, ugly edifice, but oh, so charming’…

LIKE Broome of old, the original Continental Hotel, in Western Australia’s Kimberley, has made way for the new. In his book, ‘Australian Pubs’, John Larkins described the original corrugated iron pub, with its cooling verandah slung along its front, as… Read More ›

The dry-wit drinkers of Queensland’s Prairie Hotel

LOCATED 340kms south-west of Townsville, in northern Queensland, the Prairie Hotel is a must see with its unique atmosphere, collection of stockman’s hats and other historical memorabilia. Famous for its tale of the wandering ringer – a story of a ghostly prowler… Read More ›

Sydney’s majestic nude painting left ‘Chloe for dead’ at Sydney’s Newcastle Hotel

THE bars of Jim Buckley’s Newcastle Hotel, in Sydney’s CBD, were adorned with artwork. Most of the available wall space inside the pub, which was home to Sydney’s more creative drinkers, was hung with artwork. Buckley had the the pub,… Read More ›

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