Rosehill Hotel Demolished


rosehill hotel 1935Yes! those hectic days are gone. No more will the clink of billiard balls be heard as the pedestrian passes by the open door; no more will the metallic ring of the horses’ feet be heard by patrons of the hotel as they make their way to seek their owner’s fortune on the emerald turf of the Rosehill Racecourse; no more will the clink of glasses be waft on the breeze from within the bar, where winners and losers drank one another’s health – all this is past, and with the recent demolition of the Rosehill Hotel, in Alfred street, Granville, have also gone many who remembered the “house” in the good old days. With the advancing years came progress and decay; the license was transferred to the Hotel Rosehill, at the corner of Alfred-street and the Sydney-road, and the old hotel‘s death-knell was sounded. Today, a few bricks scattered over a vacant corner remain to remind the “old hands” of what used to be. Racing men bow their heads as they pass by.

– The Cumberland Argus (Parramatta NSW), Thursday 7 February 1935, page 22


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