Crocodile put on show at the Royal Hotel, Maryborough

He’s harmless now…crocodile Maryborough 1947SCHOOL CHILDREN playfully pat the Dundathu crocodile, which was shown at the Royal Hotel in the latter part of last week. Claimed to have been shot by Mr. Goldenstein, the carcase of the 10 foot 5 inch long saurian was found last Thursday by Mr. W. Yates, a fisherman, and towed to the city for display.

– Maryborough Chronicle, Monday, July 7, 1947



MARYBOROUGH, Thursday — A crocodile measuring 10 feet 5 inches was found in the Mary River today by Mr. J. Yates, a professional fisherman. It was dead when it was located floating in the river.

It was shot on June 24 by Mr. M. Goldenstein from the bridge of the Lass O’Gowrie when the ship was on her way to Fraser Island for timber logs.

The crocodile was shot through the eye with a .303 rifle. After being hit it disappeared into the river in a flurry of blood and water.

The saurian was handed over to the Bush Children’s Health Scheme appeal. Hundreds viewed it today.

Professional fishermen believe another crocodile is in the river. It is over 50 years since a saurian was found in the Mary River, which is the lowest point south they have been recorded officially.

One was seen in the Logan River many years ago but was believed to have escaped from local captivity.

– Mackay Daily Mercury, Friday, July 4, 1947

Crocodile exterminator

Goldenstein 1947

Mr. Goldenstein (pictured) holding the .303 rifle with which he shot the Dundathu crocodile from the bridge of the Lass O’Gowrie.

The dead crocodile was displayed in the Royal Hotel, Maryborough.

With him is Mr. T. Vales, who with his father, Mr. W. J. Vatts, found the carcase of the saurian near the Dundathu leads.

– Maryborough Chronicle, July 8, 1947.

* Mervyn Goldenstein was Leora Arthur’s paternal uncle. She writes in the Historic Australia Facebook Group: “I remember the 303 rifle had carving on the butt with a crocodile figure. I think Mervyn did it himself. My dad treasured this rifle that belonged to his brother.”

The Royal Hotel, Maryborough

royal hotel maryborough queensland wikipedia
The Royal Hotel is a heritage-listed building, located on the corner of Kent and Bazaar streets, Maryborough, Queensland.

The current building was constructed in 1902 by Rockhampton architects Eaton and Bates, for Maryborough pioneer R.M. Hyne.

The original two-storeyed timber hotel which preceded the current building, on the same site, was established in 1856 by another prominent Maryborough citizen, E.T. Aldridge



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