Shot dead in a hotel


The former Royal Hotel, Uralla in NSW was established in the early 1860s. Originally known as the Court House Hotel, the name was changed to the Royal Hotel in 1891. The original pub was demolished in 1909 and replaced with a new brick hotel (pictured), which ceased serving beers in 1929. It’s now a private residence (Google Street View).

 A shearer named Emanuel Consett Polsen was shot dead by a man in the bar of the Royal Hotel, Uralla, on Friday. In the midst of the excitement the man who fired the shot escaped. He is said to be an experienced bushman, and the police anticipate some trouble in getting him. The tragedy was the outcome of a dispute over the “eternal feminine”.
– The Border Morning Mail and Riverina Times (NSW )Monday 12 February 1912.
At the Armidale Court in April 1912 Alexander Handcock was charged with murdering Emanuel Poison at the Royal Hotel, Uralla after a quarrel on February 9. The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter and the judge sentenced Handcock to “the rising  of the court”. This is the shortest possible sentence allowable under NSW law, and means that Handcock was set free immediately after the court case finished. It appears from the evidence given that Handcock shot Polsen “under extreme provocation” it was reported.

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