Bunny hops into Dungog’s Royal Hotel

Royal Hotel Dungog 1930 ANU

The Royal Hotel, Dungog, NSW, 1930. Picture: Australian National University, Noel Butlin Archives.

drunkrabbitA STRANGE VISITOR: On Tuesday afternoon a ‘cheeky’ rabbit was seen running down Dungog’s’ main street, between the School of Arts and Green’s. Suddenly, it changed its mind, turned round and, to the yells and whoops of the children who had just come out from school, it raced back up the street and into the yard of the Royal Hotel. One nearby resident states that after awhile the rabbit ‘wobbled’ out with a wild gleam in its eye and went looking for any dogs that cared to have a round or two.

– Dungog Chronicle (NSW) Friday 6 June 1924.

The Royal, featured in the above story, was demolished and replaced with a new Art Deco design by owners, Tooth & Company in 1939. The Royal continues to trade in Dungog today (2017). Maggie May, who was born in Dungog in 1934, tells us that the two men in the above 1930 photo are her grandfather and publican, Norman McLeod (right), and her uncle Jack McLeod. “The original hotel was demolished after a fire. I used to go to the new hotel as a child,” she wrote. 

Royal Hotel Dungog 1939 ANU

The Royal Hotel, Dungog, NSW, 1939. Picture: Australian National University, Noel Butlin Archives.


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