‘I allus has wan at eleven’: The story of Sam Knott who enjoyed his beer at 11

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Have you wondered about that old weather beaten bloke standing at the bar in those Carlton and United Brewery posters? You know, the one proclaiming ‘I allus has wan at eleven’?

His name was Sam Knott (also known as Sam Griffin), an Englishman who had arrived in Australia about 1890 to try his luck on the goldfields, and this is how he became an early 20th century ‘super model’ for a Victorian brewery.

Not having much luck on the goldfields, Sam found employment as an odd-jobs man at the Aberfeldy hotel, located in a small town on Mount Lookout, 125km east of Melbourne.

Back in the days before it had united with most of Melbourne’s other breweries, Carlton eventually came across old Sam, who by this time had drifted over 150kms from Aberfeldy, and was yardman or odd-job man at the Upper Yarra Hotel, in the Warburton Ranges.

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‘Didyano’ Pub & Beer Trivia

Didyano #231: THE slang ‘Warb’ or ‘Warby’ was commonly used in Sydney to describe a person who took advantage of free counter-lunches offered in pubs. After buying a beer in Sydney pubs during the 1890s and early 1900s, customers were often offered free food. A Warb would ‘sponge’ money off customers to buy beer. He would call a few mates together, and order a pint of beer. The glass would be passed between the men, who went to the bar to take advantage of the free food on offer. The term was named after David Warby, who owned one of the most famous free counter-lunch pubs in Sydney – The Liverpool Arms.

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  1. Alovely and interesting story.

  2. I have 2 glass mirrored signs of Allus, original and very good condition. Do you know if they are worth any value ?

  3. Great story, love this guy, and certainly enjoy Carlton Mid strength to drink. Thankyou for sharing. Very interesting. Cheers Robin Prentice.


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