Royal Hotel, Bathurst

Royal Hotel Bathurst NSW 1924 anu

The Royal Hotel, Bathurst, NSW, 1924. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University.


A TRAVELLING salesman got a shock of his life while paying a visit to the backyard dunny of a pub in central west NSW early last century.

A couple of horses belonging to stableman, Bert Elliott were being harnessed to a buggy in the yard of the Royal Hotel, Bathurst when they bolted, badly damaging the vehicle.

As a result, the buggy collided violently with the outhouse, which unfortunately at the time was occupied by the startled commercial traveller, who the Bathurst National Advocate reported on October 5 1910, “had a narrow escape”.

Five years previously, Bert was the lessee of the stables at the nearby Grand Hotel, where he met with another nasty accident. He somewhat stupidly got onto the roof of the pub’s stables to endeavour to hold down a few sheets of loose iron in a wind storm.

When the gale was at its height, the roofing, about 50 feet (15 metres) long by 20 feet (seven metres) wide, with Bert on top, was raised into the air for fully 70 feet (25 metres).

The roofing soared skyward, and was carried about 60 yards (55 metres), with Bert holding on for dear life, before he was dumped – along with the roofing – in the chook yard of the Royal Hotel.

Bert was taken into the Royal and treated by the local doctor. He escaped with a few lacerations and fractured ribs.

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