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American broadcaster William Winter had no difficulty in finding Australian opinion in a city bar yesterday. His recording engineer is at work in the foreground.

By a Staff Reporter

YESTERDAY I spied on the man who spied on us. He is William Winter, one of America‘s best-known news commentators.

Mr Winter is recording general aspects of Australian life and air-mailing the records to the United States for rebroadcasting.

Millions of people will hear them. He aims to present to American radio listeners life-like Australian scenes.

Mr Winter, who is on a world tour for independent radio stations in the United States, arrived in Australia two days ago. He visited Australia previously as a war commentator.

Beer Rush Talk

At 5.15pm yesterday I found him in a leading [Brisbane] city hotel bar, recording Australian slang and the general conversation of workers at the peak of the day’s beer rush.

Two men, who openly admitted they were communists, gave him their version of conditions in Australia. Several men, who had been in the bar for sometime also gave their version on how the Government should run the country. Most of them appeared eager to speak…

Mr. Winter said he would spend about six weeks in Australia. He will leave for Sydney today.

– Courier-Mail Saturday 1 February 1947.


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