Women’s dry argument with the Rex bar

Four members of the Women's Electoral Lobby and a lone man at the Hitching Rail bar the Canberra Rex Hotel yesterday.

Four members of the Women’s Electoral Lobby and a lone man at the Hitching Rail bar the Canberra Rex Hotel yesterday.

THE Hitching Rail Bar, the male stronghold of the Canberra Rex Hotel, was invaded yesterday by about 30 members of the Women’s Electoral Lobby demanding the same service as men.

Hotel employees refused to serve them, saying the bar was for men only. They were told they could drink at any of the other hotel bars but not at the Hitching Rail because there were no women’s lavatories there.

One woman was refused service. In another bar when she tried to buy drinks to take back to the Hitching Rail.

The group was joined by Senator Ruth Coleman (Labor WA) who also was unable to get served.

However, many of the men drinking at the bar appeared to support the women and bought drinks for several of them.

A spokeswoman for the group said last night that although there were no plans for repeat action at this stage, a letter would be written to the Hooker-Rex management asking the reasons for the segregation.

– The Canberra Times, November 27 1974

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