beer glasses

London Tavern, Redfern

The London Tavern no longer trades as a pub. Can any one tell us when it closed? Advertisements


How to pull a beer

  THIS week an American visitor complained of the way beer is served in Sydney hotels – This week 27 barmaids and barmen employed by a well-known Sydney hotelkeeper, received with their pay envelopes, instructions on the art of pulling… Read More ›

Money’s worth?

BUYING beer in schooners and middies in Sydney hotels and then bottling it yourself is an expensive way of buying it, although not illegal, provided you pour the beer into the bottle yourself. To the right is a bottle containing… Read More ›

Frothy beer

I wish you’d get out of the habit of blowing the froth off your beer, Bert. – Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW) Saturday 31 March 1951.