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THIS week an American visitor complained of the way beer is served in Sydney hotels – This week 27 barmaids and barmen employed by a well-known Sydney hotelkeeper, received with their pay envelopes, instructions on the art of pulling and serving beer.

The barmaids and barmen are employees of Mr Len. Plasto, regarded as one of the greatest authorities on beer in NSW. He has educated hundreds of barmaids in the art of serving beer, and “Plasto-trained” girls have little difficulty in securing jobs.

“Beer,” Mr Plasto told me yesterday, “is how you pour it”.

“Beer is a delicate liquid. You have to nurse it, handle it carefully, know how to ‘top it up’ correctly, and be expert in the art of pulling it,” he added.

“To the connoisseur there is no more pleasing sight than a glass of sparkling beer with a creamy head, pulled so that when the glass is empty there will be a “curtain” of suds covering the inside of the glass.”

Mr Plasto will not allow any of his staff to use jugs to “top up” when serving beer.

“It means,” he explained, “that to perfectly fresh beer, beer which may have been standing for some time and which has lost some of its natural ‘condition’ is added. Even if it has been standing only a minute it will have lost some ‘condition.’ All beer should come from the tap.”

Even though you may be sacrificing a few drops of the precious liquid, it is far nicer – nicer to the eye and nicer to the taste – to have a glass of beer with a creamy head to it, according to Mr Plasto’s idea.

Sydney Sun, Sunday 29 September 1946.


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