1929 beer price increase

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Black Wednesday at the Bar!

‘Tis Black Wednesday – a frothy pint costs a penny more from 6 o’clock this morning – blame [Treasurer] Dr. [Earle] Page’s Federal Budget.

A pint of beer, ale, lager, stout, or shandy-gaff – one penny more.

“If we figured in halfpennies,” said the United Liquor Victuallers Association (ULVA) secretary, Mr. J. D. Durham, yesterday, “we’d have to found a ‘maths’ college for barmaids.

“It’s hard enough with pennies, when everyone is shouting for different drinks, for the ‘maid to give the right change — to the right man.”

So, officially, the “pot” is now 10 pence in saloon bars, and 9 pence in public bars, while mugs and glasses are the same old price, but smaller.

Mugs and glasses will hold about an ounce less of the “amber”; “just about a ‘swallow’ less,” said mine host of a city hotel.

ULVA accredited glass agents were Sydney’s busiest men yesterday.

Thousands of dozens of the new size mugs and glasses had to be behind the bars this morning.

“Where do old glasses go in tax time?” Oh, some will be a dead loss, and some will take the place of larger ones.

Official prices are: —

SALOON BARS: Pint 10 pence, mug 8 pence, long glass 7 pence, small glass 6 pence.

PUBLIC BARS: Pint 9 pence, mug 6 pence, glass 4 pence.

Bottled beer is up a penny. Whisky unaltered.

All beer brewed in other States will be a penny dearer here by the pint, mug, or glass.

“Local’ preference is our policy,” explained Mr. Durham. The “spot” of whisky- costs no more; whisky merchants have not yet increased their prices. Brewers “passed on” Dr Page’s excise right away.

Publicans have had to “carry the baby” from August 23 until to-day. Now it’s the “froth blowers” turn.

– The Sydney Daily Telegraph Wednesday 4 September 1929.

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  1. I’m going into my father’s history and he became the youngest licencee aged 19 after getting a special dispensation from the licencing court after his father hanged himself in the Family Hotel.
    I’m looking for the cost of a barrel of beer which I think was 72 gallons.
    So the years I’m looking for are 1928 – 1939. I have the hotels takings for those years and I can work out the total beer sales takings
    Thanks in advance Ted Cullen 3rd

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