This will make your mouth dry…

YOU BEAUT! Tooheys brewery went to the rescue of city hotels today when thirsty shoppers crowded bars. Here is some of the brewery’s stock that employees rushed to hotels. -The Sun (Sydney) Thursday 24 December 1953 Advertisements


Time runs out for Jock

Jock McHale, above, famous ex-Collingwood football coach, gets a rousing send on from some of 200 men who worked under him as he retired yesterday from his post as foreman at the Carlton and united Brewery. His workmates presented him… Read More ›

Rolling out the barrels

The “Beer Barrel Polka” was enacted in earnest at Haymarket today when, following a mishap to a brewers’ waggon, barrels cascaded over the street. Some of the people’s interest waned, however, when it was learned that they were empty. – The… Read More ›

Cairns Stout

Great Northern Breweries are placing on the market a new and local brand of stout. It will be in all hotels today and is said to be “of very mild quality and suitable for rebuilding the constitutions of invalids”. Those… Read More ›

Dream Job

Sampling extract of the foaming malt which will go towards making the 25 per cent, increased ration of beer for the public, is Mr. Julius Dietrich, who has been brewing beer at Richmond, Victoria, for nearly 20 years. –The Sun… Read More ›

Beer & Water

THE Sydney Sun reports that the city council has placed a bubbling water fountain outside the main entrance to a large local brewery. Whether this is a hint on the part of the city council for the brewery employes to… Read More ›

Draught Beer Again

Draught beer being loaded on to trucks at the Castlemaine Perkins Brewery at Milton this morning, for delivery to city hotels. –The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) Wednesday 13 October 1937