Beer goes down the creek

IN the midst of a beer shortage in New South Wales in 1948, as a result of brewery strikes, lips were undoubtedly licked, and a tear or two shed, when locals watched over 1,000 gallons of beer disappear down a… Read More ›


No Refils While Strike Is On

THESE beer barrels, which were being returned to the Sydney breweries, formed a section of the cargo stacked on King’s Wharf [Sydney Harbour] yesterday after wharf labourers, engaged in loading the Mulubinba, were withdrawn by their union. The development followed the union’s decision to stop handling all general cargo… Read More ›

Majestic Gum Tree

This magnificent eucalypt in the Mount Barker District is doomed to destruction, the tree having been sold to be cut up into staves for beer barrels. –Observer (Adelaide) Saturday 11 January 1919