Melbourne Pubs

Counter punch

IT could only happen in Melbourne. The Victorian branch of the ULVA has ordered its members not to serve counter lunches*. More than 50 city and suburban publicans openly flouted the ban today, ordering large stocks of sandwiches. Stated opinion… Read More ›

Labelling ‘The Empress’

Part of the collection of 14,000 beer labels owned by Mr. Ray Pantano, licensee of the Empress of India Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Mr. Pantano has contacts all over the world and hopes to surpass the record 125,000 labels owned by an American collector…. Read More ›

Police sell seized liquor

BROAD smiles at the incongruity of the proceedings were witnessed, at the sale of confiscated liquor conducted by Sergeant R. Nicol at the West Melbourne police station yesterday.  The whole of the offerings, consisting of various brands of bottled ale, were “knocked down”, at… Read More ›