The flash bars of Melbourne’s Royal Mail Hotel

Royal Mail Hotel Melbourne Public Bar Melbourne Punch July 12 1900

The public bar of the Royal Mail Hotel, Melbourne

Royal Mail Hotel Melbourne cafe bar Melbourne Punch July 12 1900

The cafe bar of the Royal |Mail Hotel, Melbourne

The Royal Mail, Bourke and Swanston Streets, Melbourne

CHARLES LEECH, Proprietor.

THIS famous hotel is a notable landmark of Melbourne, and is one of the most popular houses of call in the city. Under the energetic guidance of the present proprietor, Mr. Charles H. Leech, who has undergone considerable expense in effecting extensive and varied alterations conducing to the comfort and convenience of its patrons, the hotel is doing a flourishing business. Mr. Leech is of opinion that the aim and endeavour of a publican should be a “proper study” of that portion of mankind who like creature comforts in the shape of a modicum of “good beer and wine and a twist of good tobacco,” and he has made it a study accordingly. There is no more popular landlord, and no Hotel business has been so phenomenally successful as that of the Royal Mail under the management of Mr. Leech.

– Melbourne Punch July 12 1900

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  1. The Parer’s owned and operated The Royal Mail Hotel from 1901 to 1914: Francis Parer from 1901-1905; John Arthur Parer (my great grandfather) from 1905-1911 and his brother Michael (In exchange for Parer’s Hotel on King Island) 1911-1914.

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