NSW hotels

Singleton Beer Taps Gain KO

FORMER world bantamweight champion, Jimmy Carruthers, claims that serving beer in a crowded bar is harder than a day’s gymnasium work. Carruthers, who is trying out the hotel business, spent his first full day of work at the Terminus Hotel, Singleton, on Friday. “There was a record crowd for the… Read More ›


Films in the bar

DRINKERS at Paddington can now see up to four different talkie film shows a day with their public–bar drinks. The wife of the licensee, operates a projector. The films are projected on to a screen about 4ft 6in by 3ft, from machines in  the centre of the bar. –… Read More ›

A tall tale

SWEDISH seaman Carl Bergman, 23, of the motor vessel Polamola, who stands something over seven feet in his shoes, stood at the back of a crowd fighting four-deep for beer in a bar of a Sydney hotel on Saturday, leaned easily over their heads, and got his… Read More ›

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