Cessnock’s beer shortage


Neath Hotel, near Cessnock in the Hunter Valley NSW.  Photo: The Neath Hotel

Owing to the brewery employees strike the Cessnock hotels, in common with many others have had no beer on tap for some time.
The other day the proprietor of the Neath Hotel obtained several kegs of beer from somewhere.
The good news soon spread, and a rush set in. Men drove to the hotel from miles round in motor cars, sulkies, and othern on bicycles, and they made short work of the beer.
The local beer drinkers said it wasn’t a fair go, and the arrival of the next lot of beer (if any does arrive), is to be kept a secret amongst Neath’s residents only.
Incidentally some other hotel keepers would like to know the source of supply of the Neath Hotel.
The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW ) Friday 26 December 1919.

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