Western Australia hotels

Adelphi Hotel, Perth

NO, this is not an early photo of a drag-show in one of Sydney’s Oxford Street pubs. Although you could be forgiven if you thought it was…. In fact, this great photo was headed, “Masculine Manneqins”, in the Daily News… Read More ›


Oraya Palace Hotel, Sandstone

THE THIRSTY GOLDFIELDS: The Oroya Palace Hotel at Sandstone in 1912. The proprietor, John McManaway, was an old Murchison identity. He is shown in the photograph standing on the curbing. – Western Mail (Perth WA) Thursday 17 June 1937.   

The North Perth Hotel

Christmas Beer Lost! Fifteen dozen of beer were smashed beyond all recovery in the backyard of the North Perth Hotel today, but an S.O.S. soon made good the loss in stock. A malevolent ‘dry’ well did the damage. The accident… Read More ›

Federal Hotel, Fremantle

The Federal’s violent past revealed FREMANTLE’S Federal Hotel was the scene of a gruesome double murder in 1927, when Lillian Martin and her three-year-old son Daniel were found dead in an upstairs bedroom of the building. The Federal Hotel was… Read More ›